Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Finally Finished!

Well, I used my Baptist Fans template boards and it was a *trial*. The first rows or so went well but after that it was very difficult to line up the arcs so there was a lot of wayward fans happening. I thought I would unsew and requilt parts of it but decided not to. There are too many other quilts I want to finish. :o) That is my excuse, anyway! LOL! I used a King Tut thread on top and a Bottom Line in the bobbin but I think the top thread was too light. Next time I quilt a scrap quilt I will use a darker thread.


  1. You quilt looks great and I love the way you did your border!

  2. Your CC looks stunning. Love your border option :)

  3. I love the Baptist Fan quilting. And your border is great. I wish mine were quilted.